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Badger Transmissions has been going strong since 1966. Our certified transmission technicians are known for their honest, hardworking business practices. We are a full-service transmission and drive line repair facility. Our team of experts offers on-site transmission repairs, servicing automatic, manual, reconditioned, rebuilt, import and domestic vehicles. Estimates are FREE of charge, and we have the required technology for transmission scanning. Each transmission is re-manufactured to current factory specifications and tested by our team to stand up to the conditions that it will experience before it is turned over to you. We are a member of ATRA (www.atra-gears.com), the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, which backs our warranties in over 2000 locations nationwide, including Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and Canada.

Badger Transmissions is the only specialty facility in the metro Milwaukee area with the latest state-of-the-art technology known as the "Total Transmission Service." A regular transmission service changes approximately 4 quarts of the transmission's total capacity. This unique system is offered to our customers and will replace all the fluid in the torque converter that normally would never be changed. This is an optional service taking only five additional minutes to complete. It is available for a minimal fee and will not harm seals, gaskets, or connections. Bring in a "Badger Coupon" and receive great discounts for your transmission needs.

Located on 4420 South 108th Street and 6617 North Teutonia Avenue, we have been proudly serving the Milwaukee community since 1966.
We are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and are an active member of the Greenfield Community, as well as a strong supporter of many local youth groups. Badger Transmissions uses quality parts, offer excellent warranties, offer to finance, and will assist you with preventative maintenance solutions so you will get the most out of your car's transmission.
With over 49 plus years of experience, we can provide you with reliable services. Known for hardworking business practices, you can count on Badger Transmissions for high-quality transmission repairs. Check our services and maintenance pages to find out more!
Our Services
Transmission Tune-Ups Special for Only $55.00!
Imports and domestics. Includes road test. We'll drain and replace fluid and pan gasket, a clean screen where applicable, adjust bands and linkage where applicable. Filter additional as needed. Vans, trucks, some imports and domestic higher. Call for prices.
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