Maintaining Your Transmission is What We Do Best

Since 1966, Badger Transmissions has been keeping your automotive system running smoothly with routine auto maintenance procedures. When your transmission fluid is running low, it's imperative to have it refreshed for the sake of your components.

Maintenance Services Include

  • Test drive
  • External inspection
  • Computer diagnostics (if needed)
  • Removing pan and replacing filter (if serviceable)
  • Transmission for case fluid and differential oil
  • Flushing complete system

Did you know that manual transmissions use a variety of oils? They include regular motor oil, heavyweight hypoid gear oil, or even automatic transmission fluid in some cases. Badger Transmissions accommodates all of them.
Transmission Tune-Ups Special for Only $55.00!
Imports and domestics. Includes road test. We'll drain and replace fluid and pan gasket, a clean screen where applicable, adjust bands and linkage where applicable. Filter additional as needed. Vans, trucks, some imports and domestic higher. Call for prices.
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Over 49 years' experience.
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