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Even if you think you could be experiencing an issue with your manual transmission, it's a good idea to have it checked out by an experienced technician. When your fluids are neglected, problems can arise. Your gear oil should always be replaced over time.

Full Service Includes

  • Rebuilds
  • Clutch assembly replacement
  • Clutch disc replacement
  • Pressure plate replacement
  • Release bearing replacement
  • Pilot bearing/bushing replacement
  • Resurfacing of the flywheel
At both our locations, we work on the front wheel, rear, and 4x4 wheel drive vehicles. We also offer services for performance and heavy-duty models.
To learn more about transmissions, check out our FAQ's page.
Transmission Tune-Ups Special for Only $55.00!
Imports and domestics. Includes road test. We'll drain and replace fluid and pan gasket, a clean screen where applicable, adjust bands and linkage where applicable. Filter additional as needed. Vans, trucks, some imports and domestic higher. Call for prices.
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Badger Transmissions has been in business since 1966.
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